Christmas Clutter

Put all your Christmas themed tasks in one place and stay tension-free!


Find yourself overwhelmed during Christmas? Christmas movies, playlist of Christmas themed songs, cooking recipes, budgeting for buying gifts, playing Christmas games with friends - all of this takes away the relief of the Holidays and only adds to the headache. But using this app, put all your Christmas Clutter in one place!

Christmas shopping is difficult, and has only gotten more difficult in 2020. People are living away from their families and friends. They are also working within a limited budget and it is important to keep track of your expenditures to spend it wisely while also ensuring your family receives the best gifts. Doing allocation and figure out gifts takes time, and doing it with your Christmas playlist plays in the background will definitely help!


What it does and How I built it

Gives the user a one-stop shop for accessing everything christmas - movies, songs, games which he/she can go through while working on budgeting christmas shopping for their family and friends!

I have wanted to learn app development for quite some time so I followed tutorials on using Android Studio. Then I came across something called Flutter. I immediately got down to installing all the necessary softwares. I spent a day just watching videos and scrolling through websites to get a hang of the code, since I am only experienced in python. The next day I started following along tutorials and making different projects. Attempts were made to integrate all of the tutorials into one christmas themed app. Android emulator was used to visualise and navigate the app.

Challenges and Accomplishments

  • Overwhelmed with tutorials with no idea from where to start
  • Physically connection with phone didn't work, hence had to rely on emulator
  • Working solo is a challenge of its own, there is no one to brainstorm with. You have to do all the tasks, starting from ideation, design thinking, ppt making, app development and submission.
  • Writing and understanding code and making Flutter Applications in Android Studio
  • Doing the ideation and following the design thinking steps of Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, Implement
  • Working solo. You have 100% ownership of the project submitted, and you become great at debuging your own code.

What's next for Christmas Clutter

  • Adding a login screen
  • Integrating actual audio files for the music player
  • Adding the option of scrolling through movies, games and even recipes
  • Connecting and sharing your activities with friends on socials
  • Improving the UI
  • I've heard about Firebase, would be interesting to learn about it and explore how I can use it to improve the app's functionality