Hello! I am Tanya

Engineer | Designer | Learner

About me

I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I love having conversations about the ethics of using Machine Learning, the need for more educated individuals to enter politics and how gender biases are detrimental to society.

My specialisation was Computer Aided Design and Automation. I am proficient in using python for image processing. The human-centric approach is at the core of all experiences I wish to create. During the pandemic I have attended and won various competitions and hackathons - in the design as well as coding fields. 

Explore Activities

If you do want to know me the best way would be through 2 am conversations where I'll bombard you with lame jokes - but well atleast you can know the professional me like this.

A sneak peak into what went into creating some of the projects I am extremely proud of during hackathons and competiitons.

Sharing all the internships I did, responsibilities I took up and conferences I attended while in university

Some random thoughts I share regularly - ranging from artificial intelligence to recommendations for rap songs.

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If you've explored around you'll know I have made extensive use of oportunities available as a student - both inside IIT Bombay and around the world. Every opportunity, every conversation has only helped me grow as an individual.