Student Life

My journey and activities done at IIT Bombay. 


Deutsche Bank

  • Developed a Client Solution tool, supported by excel VBA for opportunity identification, custom analysis and derivative pricing of hedging solutions for all Asian currency pairs vs USD and EUR
  • Contributed to a 6 billion USD deal with a multinational phone manufacturer which recently had its IPO, didcustom Value at Risk analysis and correlation matrix comparison to assess risks in different currency pairs
  • Deployed Cost Savings Analysis for onshore and offshore curves for companies which have both options
  • Undertook research regarding historical and implied volatilities and their implications
  • Increased efficiency by 90%, since the company has been slower than its peers in incorporating technology in its day-to-day activities, there was huge scope for improvement
  • Desk work: Biweekly MnA posts, trading range updates and company benchmarking

Indian School of Business

  • Received Letter of Recommendation from director, Center for Analytical Finance
  • Devised algorithms in Python and VBA to implement 5 trading strategies on the Indian Equity Markets using existing literature based on F-Score, Accruals, Betting against beta, G-Score, Momentum Factors
  • Successfully found complexity of Independent Auditor’s reports of FTSE 800 companies, performed sentiment analysis on analyst call reports and incorporated the results through wordcloud using R
  • Evaluated related party transactions with respect to Corporate Governance standards and violations in India, recommendations from this research included in final report to the SEBI Committee

GE Shipping Company Limited

  • Reviewed preparation and analysis of financial statements and journal entries
  • Investigated the importance and use of Books of Accounts in recording business transactions
  • Assisted accounts department in reviewing the company’s Annual Report for Financial Year 2016
  • Studied different investment plans and collected data to compare investment options in diverse public sector companies, on the basis of IRR and NPV values

Positions of Responsibility

Institute Student Mentor

  • Awarded Certificate of Special Recognition for exceptional contribution
  • One of 92 mentors selected from 290 applicants after rigorous screening based on personal interview, peer reviews and all-round performance
  • Responsible for guiding a batch of 12 freshmen students to help them cope up with the academics, hostel life and institute social culture.

Institute Exchange Buddy

  • Guide and support system to incoming exchange students from ETH Zurich and KTH Sweden
  • Facilitated their smooth transition into the institute and helped them get accustomed to the working of the campus
  • Exchanged views and engaged in debates on topics including culture, technology and education

Teaching Assistant

  • Teaching assistant for 2 courses - Solid Mechanics and Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines (KDoM) over a period of a year
  • Explained experiments on 4-bar/ 6-bar mechanisms, finding natural frequency of a 2DoF system
  • Graded tests, conducted tutorials and cleared concepts for a class of 115 students

Institute Sports Convener

  • Responsible for ideating and conducting all sports events in the institute catering to 10,000+ people
  • Successfully organized and executed the inter-hostel Basketball, Badminton and Chess General championships
  • Designed the publicity posters for the Summer School of Sports, leading to 300% yoy increase

Conferences & Bootcamps

Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations


One of 300 delegates selected to identify and discuss important economic and social issues facing Asia

World Business Dialogue


Got second position in Covestro Creation Lab, mapped digital customer journey of product designer. Attended keynotes and panel discussions on digitalization in educational institutions and workspace

Youth Exchange to South Korea


Represented India as part of a 34-member delegation and participated in a 2 day Homestay Program. Also interacted with Korean youths from various high schools on topics ranging from technology to culture.